true meridian

true meridian
A great circle through the geographical poles, distinguished from magnetic meridian, grid meridian, etc. See meridian.

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  • true meridian — A great circle of the earth running through the geographical poles. A meridian according to which the boundary lines of public lands of the United States are to be run in surveying. 43 USC § 751; 12 Am J2d Bound § 10 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Meridian (geography) — This article is about the geographical concept. For other uses, see meridian (disambiguation). The prime meridian at Greenwich, England. Since the adoption of WGS84, the meridian is now a couple of hundred metres or so east of this point A… …   Wikipedia

  • meridian — Adjective: At noon. Noun: A line of longitude, running north and south from pole to pole. See magnetic meridian; principal meridian; true meridian …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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  • True bearing — Eine rechtweisende Peilung (engl. true bearing, TB) ist definiert als Winkel zwischen rechtweisend Nord (engl. true north, TN) und der Linie Bodensender Flugzeug beziehungsweise Flugzeug Bodensender, gemessen im Uhrzeigersinn. Da hierbei… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • true course — noun : the course of a ship or airplane measured with respect to true north * * * Navig. a course whose bearing is given relative to the geographical meridian. Cf. compass course, magnetic course …   Useful english dictionary

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